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Perhaps, what I meant to say is that civil society organizations don't seem to have much influence in many countries. It's also worth noting that most of the organizations you cite are in Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, the three countries of the region which have traditionally had strong civil society organizations. Civil society in Mali seems to be floushing in the last few years as well. It's not coincidental that all four of these countries have had peaceful transfers of power in the last five years. Senegal didn't fall apart when Abdou Diouf handed over to Abdoulaye Wade. Unlike say Guinea or Gambia where civil society is actively repressed and no one knows what's going to happen when Lansana Conte dies (which is going to happen in the next few years) or when Yaya Jammeh goes. I think the organizations you cite are great. And there should be more of them in more countries.

Thanks for the response and best wishes!

isiah o'briant

troops should help arrange at least six
health fairsand plant fruit trees help make life instead of taking it away.


I believe the same thing would be true in places


infrastructures needed to take full advantage of the Internet

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